I Don't Want To Look Like A Hooker

When I was young I always wanted to wear makeup and look grown up but my mom wouldn't allow it. I reached puberty early and boys started paying attention to me and I finally realized I didn't need to overdo it. Some of the boys said that they hated kissing girls with lipstick and makeup so that made me feel better about myself. I guess the natural look stuck with me. I married a man older than me when I was 18 and he always told me that I didn't need lots of makeup and provocative clothes. The other men I've been involved with also like me like I am so I've never tried to look the part of a *****. My husband has always said that I look my best right after I get out of the tub or when I get out of bed.
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4 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Wholesome bauty never goes out of style ! i like your attitude !

I hate make up on girls

To me.. a slightly revealing look is more appealing than the "full monty".. a glimpse of cleavage, or thigh just fires up my engine!

<p>I definitely prefer the natural look. Make up is for movie stars (and hookers), not real people. The more natural a woman is the better, and the older I get the more strongly I feel that way.</P>