Eating At The Y, In Public!

Several years back, i was seeing a Beautiful FEMALE, named CARLI. SHE was the kind of SUPERIOR FEMALE that would make everyone's head turn when SHE walked in a room, and SHE knew it!!  SHE had me wrapped around HER little finger, but i did not care, as long as i had the privilege of being HER steady boyfriend.  We took a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC together, and stayed a couple of days.  i was loving life, being at the beach, and having the hottest, sexiest FEMALE on my arm.
Anyway, CARLI wanted to walk on the beach one night at about 11pm, so away we went.  We walked for a while, and on the way back to our motel, we stopped at a vacant life guard chair, that was used during the day, but pulled back at night.  CARLI quickly jumped up in the chair, that was high off the ground, requiring a person to climb a little ladder on the front of the chair to gain access.
Sitting there like a QUEEN on a throne, CARLI ordered me to eat HER AWESOME *****!  i certainly did not want to miss a chance to taste HER and pleasure HER, so i climbed the ladder until my face was level with HER *****, and i put my tongue to work.  Enjoying my talented tongue, CARLI threw one leg over one chair arm, and then threw her other leg over the opposite chair arm, to allow me to probe deeper while SHE held my head in place.  SHE began to grind HER ***** into my face, and let out moans of pleasure, that could be heard everywhere.  i worked my tongue as fast as i could, until SHE experienced a terrific ******.
As we were both began to gain our senses, we realized that being on the beach, in front of the motel with lights pointing toward the ocean; we had gained a big audience.  Other guests at the motel were on the balcony and several cheered, once they knew we were done.  BEAUTIFUL CARLI and i were the talk of the motel for the remainder of our stay.  How we kept from getting arrested was pure luck i guess, but believe me; i would do it all over again in a heartbeat!!  i feel sure CARLI would too!!!

slave john
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I would've loved to have that experience

i would certainly volunteer to make it happen for YOU!!!
slave john