I Think Someone Up There Is Looking Out For Me

Yesterday, I was at the store and I thought I would enjoy drinking a beer later that night. I mean it was saturday night. So I put it in the cart and then realized i couldn't afford it since I had to buy food. So sadly i put it back. it sure took the wind out of my sail. So later that night I was at home when my roommate came in. She was carrying bags of groceries. i said, wow, you sure have been shopping. She said she hadn't been shopping. She had been cleaning resort rentals and the boss said to take the food home or throw it away. So she took a lot of it home. as we went through it there were some beers. She said i could have them. There was even one of the kind I almost bought. OMG. How amazing-what a coincidence!!! I opened the beer and thought, someone up there must really like me and is watching out for me!!11
aquaseas aquaseas
51-55, F
Dec 18, 2011