Bring A Pizza And We'll Talk About It

I used to date a guy...JP.  We were clearly not meant to be together and the difficult relationship was compounded by the fact that we were involved long distance.  It was frustrating and upsetting most of the time, and I often wondered how long I could do it, before my overwhelming intolerence for other peoples crap won out.

But there was one thing about the relationship that I loved.  That I still love, even though it's been over for 5 years.  We talked.  If there was a problem or issue that needed to be addressed, we would sit down and talk about it.  We only saw each other on weekends, so often the arguements we had took place on the phone.  Then Friday would roll around and one of us would inevitably cave, and call.  There would be a minute or two of polite small talk, and then he'd say I'll be there in a couple of hours, I'll pick up a pizza and we'll talk about it.  Or alternatively, why don't you grab a pizza and we'll talk about it.

Every major decison about that relationship was made over a deluxe pizza, and a coke.  Even the decision to let go was arrived at over pepperoni and mozzerella. 

Now when I have a problem I need to discuss, I often find that grabbing a pizza and sitting down with the other person is the easiest way for me to go about it.  Sometimes the problems, much like that relationship, can't be fixed.  Sometimes pizza is the only solution.
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2 Responses Jun 13, 2010

It was good. It was a ritual in the relationship, and somehow having that symbol for when we needed to talk helped us make sure it happened. Thanks for the comment.

I like this idea. In fact, yesterday I made a pizza for our dinner (homemade, not the frozen kind) and we enjoyed it while we watched the F1 race. It's a wonderful thing, isn't it?