Yes, Prayers Are Answered In Unexpected Ways

Until recently, I considered myself a praying person. I have always had faith and always believed in God....the last two weeks have been a test of my faith. My son is on misdemeanor probation and he recently violated that probation....the consequences were that he would return to court...there were 2 originated as a felony (told a police officer that he was going to kick his a**) and the other, POM...when he violated, the first charge reverted to the felony court where the judge revoked and gave him 90 days...the second one went to court the next day and the lower court judge was not happy with the felony court's decision and rejected the plea....gave him 60 days and put him BACK on total he has been in jail for 15 days now.

I realize that there is a substantial group of folks who would judge this situation but that's not why I am putting this intent is to tell you that having your son in jail is a difficult thing to endure and I have endured a lot in my wise, that is. I figured that this whole thing was a way for my son to learn things but I have discovered that it has been a true test of my faith and that the prayers I offered were answered, just not in the way I thought they would be. Things are happening that I never thought would happen and although I wish this wasn't the way I hoped, it's happening all the same.

Penguina Penguina
41-45, F
Jul 27, 2010