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Be Careful Of What You Ask

Over ten years ago I was married to a man that manipulated, betrayed, and lied to me and his family. I suspected he was making or handling deals with Meth. I set out to find my proof. But he always had a slick answer or response to rebuff my inquiries. The more rumors I heard in our small town, or the more odd behaviors I saw, the more I prompted and persisted to know the truth! He denied. He played the injured party of a distrusting spouse. He created an illusion of normalcy around the home while I was present. My gut instinct didn't believe any of this. But my brain insisted on the concrete proof.
And then one day, the proof came.. almost too easily. Or actually, I came to the proof! I came home two hours earlier than expected, and at the kitchen table sat a guy chopping Meth with a razor and the Hubby behind him talking and laughing. I was exhausted from working a long morning shift, and fixing to go back to work an hour later. And my entire week was to be this schedule due to our annual town Homecoming. I took in the scene with shocked horror,pained acceptance, and then complete fatigue. The guy jumped up and tried to run out the back door with his tray of chopped goodies. However, I hollered him back to the kitchen before he could get out the door. The irony here is that two months before, our neighbors down the road were big time pot sellers and had been busted with the help of some 'planted cameras' (that of coarse the cops denied) in the woods behind all of our homes. I remember laughing about those cameras and our foolish neighbors' bust! And when our 'visitor' headed out the back door, I had a sudden vision of those cameras getting all the action in OUR back yard as well! After all, if I suspected my hubby of foul deeds, I wondered if the cops didn't already suspect. Then I turned tiredly to my hubby and said: I'll talk to YOU later about this!" I overheard the other guy say, ' Dude! She's REALLY pissed about this!" And then I heard my husband say the words that I will can NOT forget: "Don't worry about it, man. She'll get over it! " Little did he know!
And so I began a prayer to my God, that I didn't deviate from nightly for the next six months. My praying request was to help my husband get away from the drugs and his current friends or help me and my daughter (who was two at the time) find a way to get him out of our home and lives before he destroyed us (mentally, financially, and legally). I made him promise to NEVER have drugs or illegal doings around me or our daughter or home ever again. I tried to keep him busy and preoccupied from seeing friends or going off alone without me or the baby. I was willing to make my marriage and family work, even though I was coping with the frigid edges of my feelings toward him for the careless statement he'd made earlier.
Six months later our family fate was decided. I came home after visiting a friend, to a husband ready to confess his drug use out of the blue! He confessed to snorting a line with a friend while I was gone. Seriously, he had no reason to confess, as I would never have found out. And he appeared pained in the face to have to tell me! I sometimes wonder if it was a confession not all on HIS OWN accord! That maybe the thought was planted in his head to tell, and he didn't really want to, but couldn't stop it from coming out his mouth... thus the pained look! lol. He made one critical mistake. He made this confession in front of one of my friends that doesn't like him. She had her niece contact his Parole Officer ( yes, he'd committed a different crime 3 years before that and earned the officer) and suggested a drug test. The hubby recieved a surprise visit by his p.o. the next day, dropped a dirty urine, and a month later... my prayer had been answered! Actually, ALL aspects of my prayer was answered. He quit the friends and drugs with a prison term. And he was removed from our home and lives enough for me and my daughter to feel safe once more.
Be careful what you expect from your prayers! They may be answered.... but in unexpected ways!

emerald emerald 36-40, F 4 Responses Apr 10, 2012

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One of my most favorite sayings goes like this -<br />
<br />
"God's 3 answers to your prayers:<br />
1. Yes.<br />
2. Not yet.<br />
3. I have something better in mind."<br />
<br />
He is listening to all of us!!! Glad you and your daughter are safe now!!! :)

Thanks, Zombie. I find that option 3 ends up becoming the ultimate answer, and ends up being the same answer to cover the other two options! lol. THe problem is, we're often reluctant to accept the "answer" because it's often not done by how WE would have done it. THank goodness 'Someone' actually has insight to the bigger, better plan, eh?? ;)

I think you are absolutley right God does answer prayer but not always "in a blinding flash of light "

So true, Michael. I wanted to make two points in this story, and your comment stresses the one that some might have overlooked. The obvious is 1: Prayers aren't always answered in the fashion or outcome that we expect. And 2: Many of those prayers aren't answered overnight, in a week, or even a month. Patience is part of that test of faith in your prayer, in my opinion. Mine took 6 months to see physical results. Others can take YEARS, or simply never even be fulfilled.

I'm sure your friend appreicates your prayers, too. Considering she was the one to finally make the call. I wonder if she feels the same way about the friend who couldn't just do this herself for her own daughter? interesting. <br />
<br />
Btw, not judging. Just pointing out something obvious. I hope you thanked your friend very well, not just God.

Wandering, here's the irony of my friend's part in this matter. She actually didn't tell anyone for a long time what she'd done. She finally felt guilty, and told my Mom. Mom was so greatful though, she told my friend that they'd let it be known to everyone that Mom actually turned Hubby in! This took the heat off my friend from those looking for 'the snitch'. My Mom didn't tell me all this for over a year! And while I'm grateful that my friend ended up doing me a favor, it ALSO turns out, my friend did it for selfish reasons. She ended up moving in with me, and later took advantage and STOLE from me! Odd how good and evil works back and forth like that in llife, huh? :O

Ha! indeed. We are all capable of both sides, no matter the circumstances.

So true. God truly does work in mysterious ways.