But I'm Not Going To Be Very Quiet About This.



We can't stand more spending in Washington. Our children can't afford the bills we're running up for them to pay.

We can't let the government get so big that we end up in a dictatorship.

Please my friends educate yourselves on your choices this November.

Thank you.

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: ) I don't think any of us understand to well Marji.

That's all I ask Marji Dear. Just try to figure out who it really is that we vote for.<br />
Don't take the TV adds to heart. Research...

I sadly doubt we will ever be the America we use to be.<br />
One world order isn't as far away as we would like.

Today Lindsay Grahm got censured by a county in one of the Carolinas (his home state) for non partisean votes even though he has a 92% conservative voting record. Polarization is deepening because of rhetoric and terms like 'liberal', 'conservative'.

I think I have posted another story about that BrutMystik Darlin. : )<br />
<br />
I don't care if it is Rep, or Dem, Get the incumbents out.<br />
<br />
Send a message that we are sick and tired of Washington as usual.<br />
<br />
Then we can send a message about broken campaign promises in a few years.

you want to change things get rid of lobbyists and inpose term limits. then maybe we might get our country back.

*sigh*<br />
Sad. Since we only have two piles of **** to choose from, next election cycle they will probably choose the republican pile because that's what we do: more jobs to India and debt to china, more transglobal shadow governing, more domestic spying, more religion putrifying public policy, more secret prisons. Sounds a lot like the democratic pile to me we have endured for the last two years. How can you say that conservatives don't want bigger Gov't? Gov't jobs have increased by leaps and bounds since 9-11 and private sector jobs are being deported...it puzzles me that people say conservatives are the champion of less gov't.

Thank goodness.

Times they are a changing Blue ......

Yeah. The funny thing is if I had posted this a year and a half ago I would have been ran off the site. lol

I guess everyone is agreeing with me since no one is commenting. : )