The words "I told you so" are usually mean.  I know I was right, you know you were wrong.  We both know I advised you of your unwise choice.  So why should I point this out?

It's unpleasant enough to be wrong; hearing "I told you so" does nothing but add insult to injury.  And that's just mean.
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2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

yes alll,,, i do agree with you. Whatever the person (usually a loved one) did, you have probably advised them previously about it. When loved one then makes a mistake and does not heed your advice, there is no point in saying you were right, they usually say it to you before you can anyway (in my experience). Better to be calm and just have them think about what they did and let them resolve to change on their own. Anything worth doing right is worth making the decision yourself to do right. We can only influence others not try to force it. :0) peace my bretheren :) xox

I agree. I don't like it when people have to point out the obvious, or make public every error of one's ways, etc. The wisest people, I find, are the ones that know that they don't have to put in their two cents. Because it's not required at all. Save your energy for a worthy cause! And you're right, no need to be mean and rub it in either! Thanks for sharing!