Sometimes, Even If Your Right, Words Can Make Matters Worse.

When people fight, of course they're going to be stubborn with what they think. Depending on their position, most of the time no matter what you say, they're going to go against it and not listen to a single word you say. So, why waste your breath ? If your in a confrontation, simply say what you think and walk away. Don't physically fight, that's the worst solution possible and it nearly never clears things up. Most people realize things when they're left to actually THINK about what you had to say, and that usually doesn't happen through words coming out of YOUR mouth. & saying, "I told you so", or shoving the fact that they were wrong into their face once the conflict is sorted out, is just asking for the fight to be reopened.
klovepink klovepink
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2 Responses Jun 29, 2011

Going through a fight and dont know how much longer i can keep quiet ... i am driving myself in sane, not getting anything out of him... he does not talk shows no remorse and certainly does not care to sort things out ... i am besides myself today over this ... dont know where i stand from one day to the next ... want to give up on this relationship but at the same time "love" stops me!

Wise words, especially for family members. Having the last word doesn't gain you much at the end of the day.