While my immediate manager is awesome, he is a better follower than manager. However, the owner’s husband is over him, and he is an extreme micromanager.

We have no chain of command, he comes in at random and disrupts the flow of our daily routine to control the situation. He questions any decision that we as managers and supervisors make. It is getting more difficult to deal with his controlling tactics; he is driving us all crazy. This man seems to believe everyone is less intelligent and beneath him, I have never dealt with someone like this. Funny thing is we know a number of the same people, went to the same university at different times (I am a bit older), and he has less education, life experience and business management experience than I have. He is riding on the coat-tails of his wife the owner, that is seemingly oblivious and out of touch with the employees.

I think at times he realizes this, when he backs off to some degree from me. Thanks for listening to me vent so to speak, I am just tired of the daily tension he creates and listening to people talk about looking for new jobs…though I am looking in silence.
wildfreedom wildfreedom
51-55, M
Jan 19, 2013