The Unseen Guard

She came home and went to bed after discribing a very sad event. They make fun of them and make movies about them with out respect.

She did everything she could to save him but it was not in her hands.

She panned the Mall with the camera every so many minutes watching the shoppers.  Sometimes shoplifters, some loose their children, Some want to loose their children. Teenagers and skateboarder and everyday stuff.

Then she saw the couple walking and talking nothing very special until he fell to the ground.  She the wife/ or was crying out for help. IMMEDIATELY  the camera scanner ,quite voyer jumped into action.  She called the medics, She called other security and the police. The security person did cpr until the medics arrived. She could pan in close enough to tell he was not responding.

She saw his chest rise and fall with noresponse his eyes roll back in his  head then blood from his nose. Oh no it isn't a heart attack.

Paddles were used and all was recorded by the silent watcher. A crowd was around them as they worked on him. She heard her (wife/girlfriend) tell the medics they were from Canada. The silent guard thought oh so sad they aren't even from here. They took him away on a gerney his arm fell from it limp and swayed he was gone before he hit the ground hard. Had it have been a heartattack she could have saved him with all her actions, but this was totally out of her control. He was in God's hands. Did he have time to say good bye? Did his life flash before him? No! She didn't even realize he was ill neither did he.  This happened today. I am sad to say. Sometime Sorry just won't cover it.

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During our lives at this time according to God all things can happen; and for reasons only those spiritually minded can understand because of God's Spirit of truth rather than the spirit of error that leads most all of the human race including deceived religious people whom God see much differently than they see themselves because of the god of this world and his spirit of disobedience that leads to error. 2 Corinthians 4:4, Ephesians 2:2, 1 John 4:1, 6<br />
<br />
Nothing is the Fault of God as the human race since the beginning are part of His plan for an eternal kingdom with no more sorrows that shall never fall. As far as difficult events in all lives is concerned, just look at the men of God through history as in their lives, hardships and deaths, but also read Hebrews chapter 11 to see as they saw; and then if it be God's will you will have more understanding of life and death in this current world.