Very True

I'm all in favour of taking time to think about it ... being cautious ... looking at things from all angles before making a decision.

That's all just fine ... but sometimes you just know that if you don't grab the bull by the horns and go for it, the opportunity will pass you by.

If we only come by this place once, and none of us KNOW that there is more than one chance (it's a matter of faith not knowledge) then we'd better take every opportunity which presents itself ...

This has proven true for me many times ... no regrets.

womaninbliss womaninbliss
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4 Responses Feb 7, 2010

me too ndd ... it's something I try very hard to avoid ...

I totally agree!!!!! Nothing is worse than looking back at missed opportunities. {I really hate regrets}

thanks zillaron.

Bravo WIB!