Bring Back The Paddle

I originally posted this as a comment but then decided to post it independently since it sums up how I feel about this subject.

We often hear that we shouldn't spank kids because it encourages an erotic interest in spanking. But my experience is that many if not in fact most of those who fantasize about spanking as adults were NOT spanked as kids. The folllowing has happened to me MANY times. I meet someone online who also is interested in spanking. He tells me blood curdling stories about the spankings he received as a child. Then after we meet and I get to know him better he admits that he made it all up. He was telling me about the spankings he wished he had received. And it makes sense if you think about it. People who know from first hand experience how traumatic and painful a spanking is are less likely to fantasize about it than those who don't. So if my experience is at all typical, the best way to keep your kids from growing up to be spanking fetishists is to spank them.

It seems to me that the bedrock foundation of the anti-spanking crusade is the romanticization of children and childhood. Children who get spanked in movies and on TV are almost invariably depicted as innocent victims of adult brutality. Ask any school teacher or for that manner anyone in public service who has to deal with kids every day how accurate a depiction that is. Our ancestors were a lot more realistic. Children are little brutes who need to be civilized. And they respect adults who have the power to inflict pain on them. I grew up in a large urban area in the 70s and you could almost make a graph correlating the breakdown of order in the schools with the number of kids who were getting paddled. And speaking as a kid who tended to get bullied a lot, I knew very well that bullies feared the paddle, and when they stopped fearing the paddle, I was the one who suffered for it. When the schools lost the authority to deal with the bad kids, who suffered? The good kids. Once again, liberal good intentions just end up victimizing the very people they claim they want to help. So I DEFINITELY believe that spanking should make a comeback.
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I've spanked a lot of guys and in my experience there is absolutely no correlation between having been spanked as a kid and wanting to be spanked as an adult. The adult need may echo childhood memories but the curiosity of not having been spanked can be equivalent.

I would go even further and say that there is a negative correlation. Most of the adult men I've met who are into spanking were not spanked as children. And many of them had distant uncaring fathers, so that spanking came to be associated with fatherly concern and affection.

Jessepa,<br />
Yes, it is bad parenting to let a child be in charge.

Domchick, Absolutely true!!<br />
Love and spanking goes hand-in-hand.<br />
(Are you from SA.?)

Newman,<br />
Hear-hear and amen from my side!!<br />
As an ex-teacher, I agree 200% with everything you said!

I agree with you 100% I'm expecting twins and me and my fiance were at the store last week and a 13 year old through a tantrum like she was 5 or something my fiance was reaching for his belt he said our kids will never embarrass me that mom with the 13 year old was begging her to stop till she finally let the girl get the DVD she wanted bad parenting if you ask me.

A house without discipline is a home without love. I agree with you 100%<br />
<br />
Jaz :)