I've got a major problem with talking. I don't have any speaking disability or something it just comes from the inside... Very often I can't say what I mean.. it's like trying to say I love you or something like that I guess.. I open my mouth but the words don't come out. My chest feels heavier the more I think about it until I almost start crieing because again I failed in saying something..
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1 Response May 16, 2007

me too. Just getting the point across is hard for me to do. The flow of my statements is really choppy. And when I have to talk for a presentation or something, my heart starts beating like crazy and my breathing is uncontrollable. Ive been used to having bad experiences with things like that. But when its over I get this tremendous feeling of relief. Its not like I dont want to talk but its that i cant do it. at least not well.