Cant Think Properly Sometimes...

yes ussually in the mornings.. i dont know but for the LONGEST time... my brain just doenst function properly in the monings.and i end up feeling terrible all day and never fully waking up....even when i have had alot of sleep it still doesnt help in the brain feels fuzzy,i cant think right and i end up stuttering on some words and its embarresing..i have a feeling people think im a

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i feel more alive at night too. its when i do my best thinking.<br />
sooo not a morning person. <br />
coffee isnt really that good for waking up, but i have found some things that help me feel more awake when i first get up. like stretching or yoga. maybe you could find something that works for you?<br />
then again there is nothing wrong with just living a life of getting up on the afternoons, if you're afforded the freedom to do so!<br />
i actually like mornings, though, they are beautiful. getting some sunlight on me also helps.

The air smells you smell the air?<br />
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were wolf.

for the longesttime even when i have slept alot,and i wake up in the monings..i just feel foggy nomatter what i doeven when i DID drink coffee threwasa art of my brain that never fully awakeings in the morning..thats what it feels like, but when ive set an wae up morebso around lunch or even AFTER, i dont know what it is..but i never feel foggy i come to the conclusion that my body has just been hardwired to feel awake more in the an eternal clock....maybe im a vampire?? lol inhave always felt more alive at night too..the air smells different to me..


So you're not?<br />
<br />
Heh. <br />
<br />
I think you should just think of something exciting as soon as you wake up. Anything you have a clear memory of (and its emotion) and then just think you're going to do something equivalent to that. <br />
try it. <br />
<br />
If not , then just wake up and tell yourself you had a lovely time sleeping but it is now time to be awake. Now that's what I had to tell myself when i was a stoner.