But Terrified of Spiders

One of the reasons I love spider webs so much is that it fascinates me that something so deadly, can create something so beautiful, from the very body that could pump venom into my body and kill me.  I am fascinated with the webs and love to go into old houses or barns to see them, but if a spider shows up to claim that web don't block the exit or I will plow you over.

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I was taking out the kitty litter on the back indoor porch we have and when I went to dump it over into the back there was huge black widow. I dropped the litter bucket and ran screaming leaving the bucket and nasty litter strewn on the floor, and the trash bag about to blow out the back door. My husband had to take care of it. I didn't go back on that porch for two weeks. We also get lots of huge writing spider everywhere around the outside of the house, as well as wolf spiders and we get daddy long legs indoors all the time!! I mean dozens. Ewwww.

LOL!!! I feel the same way FunGirl...the webs are truly fascinating but if there's a spider...I'm outta there!!!

terrified of all spiders...... ALL!!!

I live in south fla ....und in a neighbor hood out in lee county 9 miles from the city, und only a few hundred yards from the river ....<br />
at night there is not a sound from cars or any thing but insects ...I walk the dog along the streets ...I take a flash light with me und shin it in the weeds along the road ...you can hundreds of green eyes lookin at you ....large spiders ....have green eyes ....lol ...<br />
one night i was walkin down the drivway ..und walked into a spider web that was 40 feet across spun be tween 2 plam trees at the end of the drive ....you could have heard me screem for e miles ...i knew there was a big wolf spider or a bannana spider it in ...i droped the dog leash und ran like hell back to the house screeming alle the way ...the web was alle over me ...

I can't stand to even see the web. It could mean the spider is close. I have fallen down a complete set of stairs trying to get away from a spider. So I need no signs that there is possibly one near by.

Yes, i have a friend that ties flies and some of them look like spiders so I can see that happening Sal. i have waded the river casting my line into the wind many days, just me and my friend. don't tell the boys but if I catch one he takes it off for me.<br />
<br />
LNT, Yes I had never thought if it in that way before but you are right, architect or engineer works perfectly in describing them.

Once caught a wee trout with a spider ............

lol me too

If we could have spider webs without the damn eight-legged critters, I would be much happier.

Moo, yes they are beautiful, especially when they are in trees. Some of my favorite pictures are of webs I took in Denver. They were frozen. I just thought of another positive. If they are frozen, chances are the spider is too. lol<br />
<br />
True Me, but for some reason the background of the old barn just makes the pictures pop for me.

Moomouse, Frozen women are beautiful. They don't run screaming when they see my face.

The webs are expecially beautiful if they are outside and the early morning due is on them. Also, It is easier to run when the spider shows up.