Spider Webs Are Natures Wonder

They are strong and beautiful, especially in the fall out here in the woods when the Wolf spiders and Barn spiders build their nests in the shrubs around the porch. In the morning when I come in from work and the dew is caught in the web, well, it's definitely a sight to behold.  I'm not afraid of spiders but I don't want any in the bed with me!

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15 Responses Feb 18, 2009

That's interesting! It's funny, my granddaughter made a remark this morning about the spider webs we walked through when I took her to the bus. She asked what we could do with all the spiders. I told her we could roast them for supper and clean our teeth with the legs.<br />
She told me I was crazy! LOL

A spider web strand is stronger that steel of the same diameter. Oh yeah some dude made a Bear proof suit out of spiderwebs. In his vid he was smacked by a big a** bear & got up!

It's a guy thing, I think. My oldest son has 7 or 8 but they're at his house, not mine! The tarantula doesn't bother me. I don't hardly ever go in there unless I have to deliver laundry but I'm not much of a laundry doer. :-~

well the problem is telling poisonus from not <br />
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why on earth would would you let him have a trantula ????

That's right and most spiders are actually harmless. I mean a brown recluse or black widow could put a serious hurting on you but they do take care of other insect pests. If only they would take care of the carpenter bees that drill the crap out of our home every spring!<br />
My son has a really creepy tarantula in a tank in his room. I can look at it but I refuse to touch it.

Spiders keep other insect life in check. Without them we'd have serious problems.

I'm the irrational rodent fearer! I want them frikin DEAD! and i don't want to see it either or I'll have nightmares (or in my case, daymares!)

i kill spiders i HATE spiders

I am terrified of spiders, but I don't kill them. I capture them with a cup and laminated piece of paper and escort them outside. Everyone thinks I'm insane for going to so much trouble to save things I hate, things that give me a serious case of the creeps.

LOL I fretted I lost it on the highway! Splat!

Must have moved to some place that didn't suffer from so many tornadoes.

Walking through spider webs happens to me when I come home in the morning and walk across the porch. I'm ok with that unless one hits my face. That's a freaky feeling......<br />
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One time I had a spider that built a web from my side view mirror to the window. It stayed with me for several days. When I drove to work (35 miles) and came home, it would go behind the mirror and hide. Then while my car was idle for a long time, it built another web. If I started going and it was on the web, it would hold on for dear life till I stopped at a light (going to work, that is about 15 miles!) and then it would run behind the mirror. It was cool. Then one day, it was gone!

I love them when they're all dewy! And if I can sit long enough, I love to watch the spider make one...it's absolutely amazing the precision and dedication she has to making something so beautiful! <br />
<br />
I don't like walking into one...like in the dark when you can't see it's there and you get a face full of web. That's just nasty.

My husband thinks so too. I kill the spiders for him so I'm his hero LOL

as long as they are outside <br />
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although i would keep them away from your porch or they will be in your house next