****** Up Spiders................ (^_^)

 I lived in Africa when I was younger and there were spiders the size of your hand all over the place.  I'm not the biggest fan off them but I love the webs the make, especially when they have dew on them in the morning........

In a game reserve we used to visit there were huge spider-webs that were spun between two trees on the opposite sides of the jungle roads that almost looked like volleyball nets they were so big.  Apparently as cars drove down the road (more a dirt track really.....) the wind from the passing car would kind of swish insects into the web.  And you could often see a spider or two in the middle of the web about the size of a small plate !!

They have experimented with giving various drugs to spiders and it changes their web spinning dramatically....... perhaps they spin the way we drive when they are wasted.........


This a spiderweb from a spider on sleeping pills.   

There are more samples here....   http://www.trinity.edu/jdunn/spiderdrugs.htm

zippyp zippyp
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Feb 19, 2009