Fear And Admiration

Spiders are beautiful. Some, like the avatar of this group, have a sharp look to them, but others, like my favorite jumping spider, are quite cute upon close inspection! There's also really pretty ones, like the jewel spider. Several of the marble spiders that have designs on their abdomen (although, I tend to think these spiders are the 'truck drivers' of the spider world .. sorry to stereotype lol). Then there's the Bill Nye spider (the green lynx spider). Once you start investigating the different types, it's like a whole different world, so much larger than our own. Could you imagine if the human race was more complex than skin color? Not all of these spiders have 8 eyes, some have 6. Not all spiders spin webs, some live under rocks or in tunnels or make their own burrows underground. Some bite for defense, but others rub their feet against their bodies to loosen the irritating hairs to fly into the predator's eyes or even spit at them. Not all spiders build webs to catch food, some send out 'fishing lines' or hunt their prey, or make other traps for them.
Once you start to explore their world, ours seems very simple in comparison.

With all that said, I still jump when I feel one crawling on me (or think I do). But then I remember how much bigger I am than it and notice it's fear as it tries to run away as fast as possible (you'll always be able to out run a spider, they may be fast for a while but since they don't have muscles in their legs like we do, they have to stop. They run by surging blood through their legs, they have to stop to allow the heart to rest and accumulate more blood). I try to find a safe place to set it free and hope it has a good life.
araneidae araneidae
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4 Responses Nov 13, 2011

As i work in a rescue, where we have lots of spiders among other animals...i must correct you all....every spider is poisonous..they are just not all dangerous..this is why if you've ever had a spider bite, you may have a rash, bumps etc..that is that particular spiders venom doing it's thing..:)

You can also re-locate to Uk we don't have any poisonous spiders here but do bave varieties that live on land and water!

In Germany we can enjoy them because ours are not venomous.

You just gave me a good reason to relocate!

I love the spiders who are living and weaving in our flat. :-D

There's an amazing range of sizes, too. From nearly microscopic to massive enough to take down a Pekinese dog...I can handle the small ones, but will pass on the huge ones!