Your Loss

I think straight guys are missing out cause only a man knows how a man wants to feel & how to make him feel that way. I have had sex with women several times but sex was always better with a male. I have had several girls give me ******** but it was always better when a male did it. I have had several handjobs by women but it was always better when a male jerked me off. Bottom line males know how to please each other so all you straight guys that wont try sex with a male at least once let me just say your missing out.
Cali4fun Cali4fun
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7 Responses May 23, 2012

i think for most of us it is the attractiveness of the partner, quite a few of the shemales are more enticing than the average woman, more of us than not would try that, maybe kiss and not tell

I really am getting desperate to try sex with another man. It's not just that I'm sure technically everything will be better, but I need to feel another hard **** in my hand and take it into my mouth.

I am really wanting to experience this from another man

I'm straight (oh, and female, so I hope you'll forgive my intrusion!!), and have never had actual sex with a woman (although if I'm honest enough when I look back I have to say I've come pretty damned close at least twice), but I've often wondered about how much truth there is to what you're saying: if sex with your own sex wouldn't be better for a multitude of reasons. I know that people experience things differently but still, like you say, a man has a penis so I'd guess he'd at least have an idea of where to start with someone else's. I think it's an interesting thought.

I couldn't agree more...mmmmm

Well, of course men give better BJ's, they know that area pretty well :D.

Too true:)