A lot of people pretend wanting to be dominated... it looks cool and fun. They try it... pretend they can adapt to the lifestyle.. it's a game for them. Dominant / submissive relationship are not for everyone. It's not a game. You need to commit to it and respect the rules... or don't bother playing.
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There's one thing to experience and enjoy this lifestyle, but it isn't necessary or needed to show the level of commitment that you say is needed. Some people enjoy watching football, and some people REALLY enjoy watching football. Is one of these groups not worthy of enjoying the one thing compared to the other?

Being submissive has to be a lifestyle choice and a commitment to one's dom, just like being dominant is a serious commitment to be responsible for another's well being. Agreed, submission isn't for all.

I take the lifestyle very seriously . It is a part of who i am but i agree it's not for everyone

Which are you , u sound Dom

Serious Dom.

Oh message me