Its No Wonder..

Women are really into love and these passions, well use to be that more women were more submissive...

But who knows there might be a swift change for the women and the feminine of love...?What is your opinion?
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3 Responses Jul 24, 2007

I'm a married submissive. We had both been involved in it before we met in a "normal way" and had a "normal" courtship and spent two years fighting so hard to mantain a "NORMAL" releationship. And it nearly ended in divorce. We finally just got in touch told each exactly what we not just wanted but needed to be happier and have a part time D/s very satisfying lifestyle.

I know what your saying, I to am a sub male. But still unable to find a mistress.

"The feminine of love" why do you associate being feminine with being submissive? Or LOVE with being submissive. People aren't dogs, are they? My opinion is that compromise and deference should be mutual.