As he grasped my hands and held them to the small of my back, and threw me down over the kitchen table,he bent over and slowly knelt down and started to tease me , his tounge sliding in and out , my whole boby was in ectasy and the warmth was overpowering me , the tingle my whole body felt i was about to explode, he gently lifted his hand and grased my breast slowlyplaying untill my nipples were hard and fully erect, **** me **** me now, he then rose up and entered me ohhhhhh my whole bodys in total ectasy now , he rammed his **** in and out teasing me knowing i was ready to come my ***** was soaking wet now and the ease of his **** slid gently in and out, deeper and deeper with each sliding movement, his speed got quicker and quicker and my whole body went stiff with the total bliss i moaned and wriggled in the warm tingling that now exploded my whole body, his hand gently spanked me as he was ready to flood me with his warm hot juices exploading from his ****, the cocktail of our juices slowly flooded out dripping slowly down my from my ***** , his whole body held me tight gripped against each other we had found heaven for the moment .
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Sep 19, 2012