I Love Them So

being outside on a summer night always makes me stop and really appreciate just being alive. the air is warm and beautiful, full of the sounds of crickets and peep frogs and other creatures. the sky is amazing. summer does beautiful things to the sky, doesn't it? it turns this really amazing, inky blue color, and it's usually clear and full of stars...so nice! i also love the smell of summer nights. there's something about the air that's so clean and sweet smelling, just perfect! summer nights are a wonderful thing!

runnagirrl runnagirrl
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ooh, i always wanted a telescope! the kind that sits on a tripod and lets you see far, far away. i've also been fascinated with the solar system since third grade, and i always wanted to see the planets. the sky is a magical place.

Ohhhh rain at night. <br />
It doesn't happen often here - dry country. When it does, it's very peaceful but it also makes the passions rise. Nothing like making love to the sound of pouring rain.

Love this story .. : )

the sounds lull me right off. i sleep like a baby when it's pouring out!

Oh I love sleeping in the rain!

i live in the country too, and it's just priceless on those kinds of nights!<br />
<br />
ah, fireflies! we don't get too many around here, but on rare occasions we've had some, and what a treat that is! they're just breathtaking.<br />
<br />
it's actually pouring rain here right now, so not the best night for sitting outside, although i love hearing the sounds against my window!

Thanks for this story my friend its like a breath of fresh air!!

Oh absolutely. Years ago, I lived in an area where there were a huge amount of fireflies, and I really miss it. Who knew insects could weave such beautiful and simple magic...and the sound of frogs singing! Thanks so much for this lovely story, Runnagirrl. I'm going outside for a break now. :-)