After a lifetime of appreciating the female form and all it has to offer, sometimes it is important--even imperative--to step back and appreciate those with finer qualities.

Now, it is true that breasts are best when they give their owner pleasure. Sure a handful, speedbump, tiny swelling, or nubbin can be just as delicious, stimulating, and sensual as can "vast tracts" or "big bazookas". But occasionally. Every so often. One runs across a pair that are perfectly formed, shaped, gloriously sized, pleasing to both owner and all nearby. And that is, erm, the summit of perfection. The very utterly scrumptious peaks of desire... even when fully clothed, hidden, compressed, and plausibly deniable, let alone with perfectly on display.

And, to judge from a distance, a Certain Someone is one of the lucky few who meet that and help define it.
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May 7, 2012