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I can only think that the "catch all" rejection slip from the moderators of Parts One and Two of this story can only be as a result of the stories being considered as deliberately titillating.

Maybe the topic of BDSM is one that gives cause for concern but there are plenty of stories in that sector.
I have read far more explicit sexual descriptions in the "not suitable for under eighteen" category.

With "Shades of Grey" experiences being sought by many EP participants my story was intended to stress the dangers of entering real life BDSM relationships with newbie inexperienced Masters or Mistresses in comparison with those in an on-line virtual one with an experienced caring Dominant.

An experienced virtual Master (Jerry) created a virtual scene where a new sub (Tabitha) could have some of her fantasies fulfilled by a real life newbie Master (Mark). Were those fantasies just fantasies or did she really want to participate and enjoy them?

Her virtual Master was opposed to anal sex with women because his daughter has been infected with AIDS from a long standing relationship with a bisexual man living in Russia. He allowed such sex to take place with Mark.

OTH is the girl as really as bold and rebellious in real life as she portrays herself in the virtual world or underneath all is she really rather shy. Would that shyness make it difficult to portray her instantaneous feelings in creative responses to the scene set by the virtual Master?

At the end of the day virtual Master was happy to fulfil his desire for control by controlling the virtual and real life girl together with the scenes with the real life Master.
Could the virtual Master be a Mistress in other lives?
There is now no need for Tabitha to make a decision as her virtual Master has decided to release the girl from her obligations to him .

Maybe in the future the girl may become more creative in her input to virtual scenes but for some careful exploration of the real life may be the best option

Maybe, it was her using this virtual master "VM" her jumping pad into what she wanted in real life. It may have been this VM that gave her the confidence to blossom her real life fantasies. In any case the control really isn't control, unless you have proof it's just say so. So what did the VM really get out of it?.... and yes I do understand its not about one party more than the other but I do not see balance in this story.

The original story removed by moderators may perhaps have made the scenario clearer.

Agree the situation is complex but the real master is merely a creation of the virtual master to explore what girl consents to and desires in both virtual and real settings.

The difficult area of course where the consent allows the abuse fantasy and that may be acceptable virtually but not in reality.

Psychological control of a sub can involve deliberate confusion e.g. causing the sub to loose count of the number of strokes of punishment given. In this case it was challenging misconceptions of a would be submissive had from reading "Shades of Grey"

The whole situation revolved around whether girl would be able to please Master and all explorations were to that end Rather like a long job interview with the prospective employer in control!

There is no need for me, as the VM ,to prove anything.

Hmm abuse fantasy? ..... Doesn't sound pleasant as does the confusion or are they one in the same?... VM will break her psyche... It was my understanding that "masters" weren't supposed to break their sub's... Oh well... And it's not what is to prove but more or less what is gained.

Your concept of "breaking" might form part of a sadist's objectives in a BDSM relationship.
It would be outside that of a caring Dominant working within the SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual) framework.
One of the greatest responsibilities of a Dominant is the trust given by the submissive and that trust should not be betrayed.
You are right in thinking that the potential gain is that a good Dominant will help his/her sub towards a happier life. The control that achieves that is cause for satisfaction.

I see... Hopefully this Tabitha was well serviced and is doing good!

Engine and bodywork fine with no leaks. Needs attention to electronics and wiring before inclusion as VM stock :)

Well I did not mean to refer to her as a vehicle. What a man! Lol. Vm stock huh? It's leading me to believe you have a trophy collection of sorts.

Just took up your servicing question as a light hearted resistance to further probing of someone , whose experience is unknown, into a complex and caring relationship between two people many aspects of which remain confidential.

Lol! & yes I know all to well the confidential .... well anyway. Have a good day Sir.

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