Misscarraiged At 22weeks Twice

Hi my name is Arlene, I had two misscarriages,

I had a misscarriage at 22weeks. I misscarried my baby boy on the 31st of december 2008...Its so hard...its been 7weeks now and i am still so upset..A close friend of mine had a baby boy yesterday...I am so jealous.. i cant stop thinking of her and her baby wishing it was me instead..I feel so sorry for my partner cause its his best friend and i no he is hurting two..I try to put on a brave face really i do...

My misscarriage before that was in 2006 i was 22weeks aswell,, All the doctors said that it shouldnt happen again,,that every woman has a misscarriage at some stage in there life....So i was convinced that my last pregnancy would run smoothly...i was,nt sick or nothing...worked all nites. never tired...full of energy and everything..so i was looking forward to bringing my baby into the world until i had misscarriage...i dont think ill ever get over this...

Its been 7 weeks now since i misscarried and i have not got my period,, deep deep down i hope im pregnent again but stil im terrified incase it happens again..

The doctors told me that i will have to get a stitch in the next the i get pregnant, to stop it from happening again....I had to go trough the labour and everything...It was very hard to deliver the baby and to hold him..He was breeding for 15minutes and then his heart stopped...

Has this happened to any one else??

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Hi there, i am very sorry for your loss! I too have had 2 miscarriages. My first was at 23 weeks due to a placental abruption, and my second miscarriage was with my twin boys at 22 weeks when my cervix opened (doctors think i may have an incompetent cervix). I buried my twin boys just this week passed, and I am left asking why, and questioning whether I can go through this again, or put my husband through it. I still havent had any answers yet until i see a specialist in 4 weeks, but even though this has happened to me twice, i still have faith that we can have a succesful pregnancy one day. I hope that you dont give up, it does mean that we may have to deal with the possibility of it happening again, but is that worse than never trying again at all. That really depends on each individual person, I cannot bear the thought of having to put my husband through it again, but once he is ready to try again im gonna go for it, and i hope you do to.....the best of luck, i will pray for all of us to finally hold our own lil bundle of joy one day :-) xox

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I wish I could give you a big hug right now. I'm almost crying at my computer over your story. When I had my miscarriage at 5months I was devastated but I never had to physically say good bye to my baby. I never held my baby or saw his/her face. I can't even imagine how difficult that must have been for you and just to survive on a daily basis like you have been makes you a true hero. Although I can not understand what it's like to hold my baby and say goodbye I can understand what it's like to be jealous of other pregnant women or other women having babies. It's totally normal so don't beat yourself up about it. when I had my miscarriage all of a sudden everyone and their mother was pregnant it seemed. I couldn't even get on the bus or walk around the corner it seemed without seeing a pregnant women. I felt so awful all of the time. There were days I didn't even want to go out of the house. But, I'm here to tell you that there is hope. Last March I lost my baby but now this March I will be entering my eighth month of pregnancy and so far everything is ok with the baby. This will happen to you too. Believe me, I didn't think I would ever get pregnant again. I was so discouraged each time I got my period but your body knows when it's fully healed and ready to conceive again. And when the time is right that is exactly what will happen. I know it's so difficult waiting. And each month you wonder why you didn't get pregnant this time. All I can say is try to hang in there and you will hold your healthy baby boy or girl in your arms very soon. If you need to talk some more or just feel like venting I'm here to listen.