...are you still going to love that tramp stamp when you're 60? 
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No, you may not like the design when you're 60, but you have to look a little deeper than that. If you think of it as just a patch of ink on your skin, you're right not to get one. People who get them choose a particular design that means something to them AT THE TIME that they get it. When you're 60, you should be able to look at it and think "Even if I don't like it now, I loved it then". This may sound extremely cheesy, but I think of it as a record of your life or emotional journey.

Honestly, when you're 60, who cares?

I honestly believe I will love my tramp stamps when I'm 60 one reminds me of the good time I had with my mate before he was murdered and the other reminds me that my sister and I have a bond unbroken. <br />

That is why a lot of people take the decision very seriously and put a lot of thought into their skin art. I think some tattoos are beautiful pieces of art, just on a person instead of a canvas. They can also say very profound things about one's beliefs and philosophies.<br />
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I do feel the same wonder about some of the tattoos that seem cheesy or inapproriate, but to each her own. SOme people just don't think that far ahead or care what others think of them. More power to them I say. They aren't hurting anyone. Then too--there's always laser tattoo removal.......

Thats the same thing I worry about when people get tattoos "are you really going to like it forever?