Tears are produced when you are experiencing an overwhelming emotion, like sadness or extreme happiness. It's weird to think we are capable of crying when we are happy, but it happens! Most of the times I've experienced tears of joy have been when someone does something extremely kind for me that I would otherwise not have expected. I cry tears of joy when I realize that people really do care about me through their actions. That's really the only time I cry out of happiness, but that's just me personally. Others may experience tears of joy in other happy situations.And yes,Tears of joy are rare and precious.
sweetheartchulbuli sweetheartchulbuli
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

'tears of joy- rare and precious' : that itself says it all.<br />
beautifully described.

tears of joy come when you or your near and dears achieve some ob<x>jective or goal. it is very heartening to see you have those precious tears.<br />
preserve them and share it with folks to inspire them to achieve.<br />