I Live In The Usa...

And I think that as a whole our citizens are sheeple...

We are given the many messages regarding appearance, behaviors, and the life we are "supposed" to live...

IF you EXAMINE these messages closely....the driving factor is MONEY!  

It is so sad, because money really has NO VALUE!  

Television, which many view as just entertainment, is a main source of these messages...and so few even realize it!  People are struggling living their lives and looking for happiness in all the wrong places.  We are distracting ourselves from what is truly important in life!!!

These messages are everywhere; they are not just limited to television.  In our public school systems one of the main goals is to produce a responsible and productive citizen for our country....

We need a new way of thinking, people are slowly waking up....

What will it take for a major change in our thinking/views???

CoracaoQuebrado CoracaoQuebrado
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5 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Television does have a great deal of impact on how society evolves. It's the individual's responsibility to look into himself and filter out values which are not consistent to his/her happiness or sense of well being. Sometimes, this can be confusing because we think that money, sex, relationships, material things can gratify us. But in the long run, without love or the permanence of loving relationships, all these things can be hollow in themselves.

Once people learn that Thoughts Become Things and their thoughts will bring them what they desire, things will change to what they want. TV and other media will have no effect at that time. Things are moving in this direction more and more even as we speak.

The art of distraction.....<br />
<br />
There are wars going on all over the globe, spending out tax $$$$$$$$...<br />
but as long as our regular scheduled program comes on....we are ok.....<br />
<br />
Health care debate?...... The new season of lost is starting......<br />
American Idol...yes!!!!... who cares if politicians are robbing us blind and making decisions for us, that we have no idea how their decisions will effect us.

What can be done about it though?

I'm gonna fire a cannonball out of my gigantic cannon... and it's going to have "DUH!" written on it.<br />
<br />
It will be heard around the world. Transformers will drop from power line poles and electrons will cease to flow.<br />
<br />
All because... "DUH!".