My TLE Experiences

I have temporal lobe epilepsy. My seizures are religious in nature. Every time I have a gran mal seizure I have a "vision/hallucination" of me walking with god. He's showing me my city and everything is destroyed. He speaks but after I come out of my seizure I can't remember what he says. I feel like If I could only remember I could save the world. When j have a partial it's a feeling of déjà vu about a dream I've had. But I don't remember ever having this dream if that makes since . I love the feeling I get from my seizures just not the convulsions and the aftermath . In fact I wish I could touch someone while having my visions and they could experience them. I guarantee you they would come out of it with a tear in their eyes and thanking me for the experience. I'm on meds now and no more visions I miss them but being seizure free is better for me than hallucinations.
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2 Responses Mar 18, 2013

Yep it's tough I have tle too. They are painful really, nausea, confusion, mixing of dream and memory, ******* myself, falling awkwardly in reverie. But they are also sublime, and I secretly love them and the experiences it is so tough when I feel them coming. I know I should move away but I want to drown in them when they come.

You liked it? All the time?