Tentacle Dommes Pt1

I began amongst my siblings, thousands of us, my world was a sea of my kin. My first sustanance were the runts, those of us too small to survive the transformation to adulthood. Of course then I knew this only on an instinctual level, not yet possessing any true sentiance.
My next source of nutrition suddenly entered our world; great warm masses. And with some stimulation they secreted such delicious liquid. A voice came with them, then I knew only that it eas strong and soothing; now I know what Domme-breeder Cathrine said:
" That's it little ones come to my breasts, drink my milk, ooh that's it, learn to love it; for few will give willingly, but still you must take it. A-Aaahhhh!!
In time the masses were removed, leaving many (myself included to this day) addicted.
tycamrent tycamrent
22-25, M
May 10, 2012