10 Great Things About Tentacle Sex

1. It's a 1 on 1 ********. You don't need to do much organising to arrange an ****.

2. Tentacles can put you into a multitude of hot new positions that no normal human being would ever possibly attempt. It's like Karma Sutra on crack.

3. Everyone knows tentacles are strong and single-minded. They will never take no for an answer. They will tear your clothes off and spread you out effortlessly. And keep you all spread out and open until they wish otherwise.

4. Tentacles don't get tired, ever. They will keep going and going long after the Duracell batteries run out. They will even keep going long after you pass out.

5. Tentacles are long. Seriously long. Nothing can stop them from going all the way into your womb, all the way up your ***, or all the way down your throat. When you get ****** by tentacles, you know you're getting ****** good.

6. Tentacles can be hard when they need to, pliable when they need to. That means they can go far deeper that any stiff but terminally inflexible **** ever could. Imagine all the new pleasures emanating from all the new, virgin depths inside you.

7. Tentacles are expert lovers. Not only will they fill all your holes, they will also stimulate every single erogenous zone on your body, even ones you didn't know you had. They will clamp on your nipples, digging and sucking while they squeeze your boobs, erotically asphyxiate you, fondle your ****/****, rub your g-spot/prostate like crazy, and caress every inch of your body, all at the same time.

8. All tentacle monsters have unlimited libido, are constantly sex-crazed, and achieve all their objectives by sexually abusing, breeding with, and generally inseminating members of weaker spesies (usually humans). As such, you never have to worry about them ever losing interest, or not being able to 'get it up'.

9. Some tentacles secrete special fluids, some of which may enhance your pleasures, some of which would automatically heal you should those appendages get overly enthusiastic in their love-making.

10. There's always a chance that you'd get specially selected for intensive breeding or a tentacular ****. None of those taken had ever seemed to want to come back. We can only guess the levels of pleasure that they experience, every moment, every single day.
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I want to get Tentacle raped for ever so bad.

I have browsed tentacle hentai, But I just concentrated babes and imagined my **** replacing a tentacle here or there. You, however, have really thought it through. I never imaginged beibg anally raped by one. Hmmmmm... Got me thinking. Damn you!

Hehehe... *evil laugh* Think some more ;)
Actually, this was an impulse post after accidentally coming across this group again (which I joined and forgot some time earlier). I guess that's a testament to how much tentacle hentai I've "browsed" that I could come up with that list off the top of my head! *embarrassed*

The crazy thing about tentacle sex is that it was invented to get around Japanese censorship laws that outlawed depictions of sex. Legally sex was defined as between to people. An invasive attack by an alien was simply assault. And violence was legal. How bizarre is that?

Yup I read that somewhere too, it's crazy. It's the same craziness as with their censoring of penises, as long as there's like a 1% wide black line covering it, it's legal, lol

Crazy is right!

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