New Rome

I think that America has become the new Rome--and I don't mean this in a good way.  Almost every day, I look around and feel that our entire society is on the edge...meaningless wars, a more and more intolerant, unintelligent populace, hatred, cruelty, and prejudice running rampant throughout our communities, and leaders who lie and do nothing but pad their own pockets, encourage the hatred and prejudices of the masses, and support the control of the huge conglomerates.  I look at how stupid, lazy, and close-minded most Americans have become, and it makes me sick.  What's more, I look back at the fall of Rome, and think...that looks like US.  Ugh. 


All I know is that I want to get out as soon as possible.  Vive la France!

Avice Avice
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3 Responses Nov 23, 2007

Lighten up :) yea we're going to collapse in a pretty epic fashion but we got to live it up a bit. No one will forget Rome - no one can forget America. We changed the world, shook things up and started movements and made progress. All good things come with bad - there is balance in the universe at every level. Sometimes you need to cause some ripples or the water becomes stagnant. If I get my way I'll be in the UK, but I'm proud to be an American for what it's worth.

I love this comparison and you're right, we are kinda sending this place to hell in a handbasket.<br />
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I know exactly what you mean by not wanting raise kids in this kind of country/environment as well (I also would refuse to raise a child in the town where I live) but thankfully I think I have found one of those elusive "better places" you refer to and plan on getting there ASAP.<br />
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I hope that when you become a famous, country-altering author you'll let us know so we can all look you up. :]

I feel the same way. I think that if everyone taught their children those things, the world would be a much better place. Unfortunately not many children seem to be taught anything of the sort today. <br />
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Honestly, I have seen so much hatred, cruelty, and close-minded ignorance here in America that I am not willing to raise children here. I do want children eventually, but I refuse to raise them in a country where, for example, homosexuals are forbidden to marry. Where peope are taught to be cruel, myopic, and close-minded. I plan to raise my children somewhere else. Will there be no problems there? Will it be perfect? Of course not. However, I can not in good conscience raise them here--ESPECIALLY not where I currently live. <br />
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I do think that there are certain parts of America that are ok...where people are generally nice, and more open-minded, and less ego-centric. I think that the vast majority are the exact opposite, however. <br />
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Do I want to change things, to make a difference, and to try and turn things around? Of course. I plan to (attempt to) do this through my writing. Some day I hope to be a great, socially-conscious writer. However, unless there is a massive change, I still will not raise my children here. <br />
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Do I think that America could change? That we could somehow make a come back, and live up to the potential that we once showed? Of course. Do I think that it will happen? Now that's another story...