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In college I used to volunteer at a soup kitchen that served homeless people.  One of the people who went there was this really nice guy.  He always had a smile on his face, always was singing a song.  Being homeless, he slept out on the street.  One night while he was sleeping out there, he was murdered.  He was killed in his sleep.  Died from multiple blows to the head.  He was 61.  

What could he have done to deserve that?  No one deserves to die that way.  No one deserves to be sleeping out on the streets, for that matter.  Attacks on the homeless are a hate crime.  There is so much stigma against them...I remember asking a homeless person what could be the one thing that he wanted and he said that he wants people to treat the homeless like human beings and not like the scum of the earth.  They're people.  Treat them with some damn respect. 

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Homelessness, can strike the most respected of people, people who used to have great jobs and incomes to match!,. Then out of the blue, a divorce or a bereavement or something!! then "wham"!! they suddenly find themselves homeless through no fault of their own,. <br />
How shockingly awful is this omg!! why!!?? They are human beings!! like you and i!!! they all should be treated exactly with respect, they most definately deserve!!! <br />
Thank you for sharing your post, my young friend! :)