Smoking Doctor

I am a 59 years old dentist,who quit recently,i.e.87 days ago after smoking for 40 years,the cold turkey way,totally on behalf of my will power.I now realize what i had been missing during the best period of my life.Usually all smokers start it during their teen age.It is worst form of addiction.In drinking at least you get euphoric for some time,but i am yet to find a person above forty,who will say that i am enjoying it.Every body want to quit it but since socially it is quite acceptable and it is not uncommon to see people smoking on roads e.t.c.also one can keep doing all normal activities while smoking,probably in spite of highest addiction rate of nicotine,all smokers find it difficult to quit it for good My request to all teenagers is,not to even try even a single puff.
drajayatri drajayatri
Oct 27, 2010