Living Proof Of That One..

I mean, I'm not saying that my ex wouldn't have gotten pregnant if there had been condoms at the school.. Because it hadn't been a planned thing and I hate condoms with a passion..

But a lot of people go to parties KNOWING exactly what they're going to do with the people there. Particularly in high school, condoms need to be available these days.

So many people think that having condoms promotes having sex, but it's not true. Obviously people do it anyway, the least they could do was show that they support safe sex..

I was immature and I did it. I love my daughter to death, but I know it was a stupid choice and a stupid reason and.. All of that. But there are people who don't have ways to get protection and they WILL do it anyway. It's better to say you tried than to say you just sat back and watched it happen..
StrippedxPride487 StrippedxPride487
18-21, M
Jul 17, 2011