In All Honesty

I think they should be available in high schools because it's inevitable - there will always be kids that will screw around. People should learn to accept this reality instead of denying it. At least the STD/unwanted pregnancy rate would go down if condoms were actually distributed in high schools.
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I am an ex-european for us young men co******* were a natural, you could find dispencing machines at dance halls,railroad stations ,pissoirs.nobody taught us-we taught ourself-Basta

It's so strange that the best that anyone in your country can say about teen sex is that they "will always screw around." How about teaching youngsters to enjoy and celebrate their sexuality, their energy and the exuberance of their first sensual years. They will never experience anything so vividly again.<br />
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Joseph Hillier said that "an unhooked brassier was as close to paradise as you ever hoped to get." All this Christian, wholesome values, American way stuff, is so anti-human. Pastors want power and the surest way to control people is to control their sexuality. George Orwell knew what he was talking about when, in 1984, he invented the Anti Sex League.<br />
PS Would you ever teach American kids to spell?