" I Am Sure That Would Help......"

lessen the number of teen pregnancies and definitely help stop some of the Venereal Diseases. Let's face the fact. Teenagers know what sex is and most spend a lot of their time thinking about sex, and hoe to "get some"...I am sure that kids know more abut sex than most adults, the have names for things that I wasn't aware was even possible. I learned what "tea bagging" meant, and just shocked and speechless, as I had never even heard of such a thing, and I had been married for years. I have two sons ages 21, and 23 and I am sure that sex is on their mind most of the time...My oldest is a ho, and we do tell him that. He talks to girls every chance he gets, even on the internet..I believe if condoms had been available in school that many teens would have avoided contracting and spreading disease, and one of those diseases being HIV, and AIDS...This is bad that teens contract this and it's a death sentence, sure they may live a good ten years, but most likely an infection such as pneumonia will take their life because they have a weakened immune system...I don't understand why they can't offer birth control in the schools that have a health and wellness center..The teenagers can go to family planning clinics at the county Heath Department, they aren't allowed contact their parents (I believe that's the way it should be) and I don't see why they can't have these clinics right in the medical offices/Health and Wellness offices at the school, more teenagers would be able to attend....The worst people that I have found when I have talked to the teens who some to me for advice, is that they don't have a way to get to these family planning clinics, and they can't ask their families, so they end up getting pregnant, and often VD. I have given a coup;e of young teens a ride to the clinic, and I even made their appointment, I feel like I sis the right thing, as they were determined to have sex, even though I tried to get them to see that they might not be ready for the responsibilities that come with a sexual relationship, including the emotional part of a relationship. I honestly tried to talk them out of it, and when I couldn't, I done what I felt was right....These kids are having sex even younger than junior high. I have tried talking to their parents about the possibility that it could happen, they refuse to believe their child would do such a thing..Parents need to take off their blinders, and realize these kids are experiencing feelings that they don't understand. They need to consider what is best for these kids, especially if these parents are irresponsible. I do what I can, and I keep their confidences, I make appointments, and as long as I am anle, I give them a ride, what more can I do ?????
TwilightDream TwilightDream
36-40, F
Jan 3, 2012