Condoms And High Schools

I don't have any experience with condoms and high schools, except this funny story. Back in the '70s I was a substitute teacher in a high school speech class. Only one student admitted to having a speech ready to give, and she had a representative of Planned Parenthood meeting her there that day. Turns out, her speech was on contraception. The PP rep brought samples, which the girl passed around the room as her visual aid. At the end of the class, she collected them and gave them back to the rep. I was a little nervous, but the speech certainly was well received by the class!

I have said teenagers should be required to carry condoms at all times. Under my plan, there would be random wallet checks to make sure they are carrying.
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I think that you have a really good idea, and thank you for writing your story. I'm 65, and I can remember how difficult it was back in 1966 trying to get a condom. Now its so easy, if one has the $$$