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T his is in response to a pm I got telling me to grow up and stop being a jerk because a comment I left a few days ago.



I went to a Catholic school. Despite our year group being a little more promisucous than the one above us and the ones below, we only had one pregnancy. We didn't live the life of nuns, we just didn't have sex in school but when we did at the million parties that one of us hosted every weekend, we were careful. We used to sneak condoms in and tie them up the nuns chairs or leave them in our RE books. The funniest thing we did with them was have a huge water fight and use them as water bombs.

On a  more serious note.... I see why it is important to have condoms available in schools. Where I teach at the moment, a non religious school, there is reason to see the need for them. Only one 'couple' have been caught having sex and they were sixth formers. (the toilets in the gym are the place to be apparently...)

I personally would have a problem giving a child condoms, even though it would be for the best. Not because of religious reasons (Im not Catholic) but because of the loss of innoccence. We use condoms in sex education, just to show them how to put them on and all the other crap that comes with teaching kids about sex, and we provide information about where they can get them from. That's as far as it goes.

Suprisingly enough, kids in schools are a lot more responsible than we give them credit for. Yes they are off having sex and god knows what else, but they are so aware of what can happen these days that they are careful. A lot of them, especially where I teach now, are doing their best to not live the lives their parents did. In a school where the majority are from one parent families or have parents who had them when they were 15/16, the kids are a lot more clued up!

Condoms are more easily available for them these days than when I was at school. It's just not advertised.

I hope this answers your question

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I agree with you completely moomouse.<br />
People are not like dogs, we have the ability to make choices and control over our urges and bodies, to suggest that we should be "fixed" in some way to prevent unwanted births is preposterous, what is wrong with you people?

I think that my high school had a similar view as you. the nurse had to give you condoms if you asked for them, but no one else in the school could give out condoms, and the nurse couldn't unless the student was the one who brought it up. However, I suspect that people would have had sex even if there weren't condoms available...

That M&M is why there is not a monarchy and why you are not king.