I've already posted my views on sex education on a thread about that topic.  To give my views in a nutshell, I believe it should start young.  When I was going through schools, I did not get any proper sex education until I was 16+, and even then it was really just scare-mongering - the kind of education that said if you have unprotected sex you'll get every horrible disease known to man and end up as a single parent with a poorly paid job.  It was like those adverts aimed to keep kids of drugs.  They give you no information, but just said "Sex --> Evil --> Don't do it'. 


I'm probably being a little unfair, but I felt that the detail sex education talk should have come much lower down the school.  Even at the age of thirteen, children are becoming sexually aware.  I know that some parents don't want schools to make condoms available to children under sixteen because it encourages them, but think about it.  Would you rather your kids were having unprotected sex?  If a kid wants to have sex, it will do so regardless of what you tell it.  I think it's best for them to have a place where they can easily get free condoms for, because it's better than them contracting STDs or becoming pregnant.


If I had a kid who was starting to show an interest in the opposite sex, I'd make sure they knew all the facts and I would make sure that they carried a condom with them in their wallet.  I would make sure they knew I did not approve of underage sex, but I'd want them to be safe if they did ignore everything I'd told them and do it anyway.  Condoms were not available to me for free until I was a university and I found this shocking.  By the time most people go to university at 18, they've already had sex at least once.


That's my argument, anyway, and I'm sticking to it.  Condoms should be available in high school, as should detailed information about sex.

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i wished i was having sex in high scool

Mizz - I also agree. I think many condom companies would do that, as well, but the schools don't want to supply them as it causes a furore as so many parents are unwilling for them to do so. It's such weird logic. It's like they think 'Hey, if we don't give them contraception, they'll be too scared to do it'...

That's grand idea, MizzBlue. But unfortunately the schools don't want the responsibility and the parents would throw a fit. Nobody wants to deal with it. So the kids pay the price in the end.

I think they're pretty sure that the boy is the father. Though I just found this comment in an article about it:<br />
<br />
Last night Michaela Aston, of the anti-abortion Christian charity LIFE, said: “We commend these teenagers for their courage in bringing their child into the world.<br />
<br />
“At the same time this is symptomatic of the over-sexualisation of our youngsters and shows the policy of value-free sex education just isn’t working.” <br />
<br />
British sex-education is practically non-existent! It's no wonder that we have so many teenage pregnancies. I live close to a primary school and it's quite shocking to see how many teenage mums you see pushing prams. I totally agree with you, Sleepless, if we had detailed sex-education for young teens then I'm certain the numbers would drastically reduce.

Thank you for posting this! We were all teenagers wonce. We ALL know kids will do this. I think the condom companies should donate to the schools - think of gaining positive market share for when the kids need to buy them. They try them on - like them - bingo. <br />
<br />
Thanks - stop the spread of aids 1 person at a time ...

I agree. I don't have kids, but I'd probably want to education from at least the age of thirteen. What with the internet, and the kind of things that are on TV (even pre-watershed) they're going to start coming across things that glorify sex.

Kids get embarrassed by these discussions too. With a book then can get all the information. Just tell them you will answer any other questions they may have. Education is key. And don't wait too long either. With the internet, kids are exposed to sex at a much younger age.

I've seen some of them for sale in Waterstones, they do seem really good. I wish that I'd been given one when I was in my early teens as I really only knew what I'd seen on TV until I was about 16-17...

Excellent post.<br />
Ryuuzaki, you are so right about giving kids books to read. There are some really good one's out there. Especially if you are uncomfortable talking to your kids. Believe me, they will pretend like they are not interested in the book....then you will start finding it hidden in their room somewhere :)

I think that's a crying shame. Not as a dig to yourself, obviously, my parents never had a sex talk with me either. As most schools are inept when it comes to teaching children about sex, if parents are too embarrassed to as well how will they learn?<br />
<br />
My boyfriend's parents were actually very good about it. When he was 13 they gave him a book on the subject that explained everything to him (he said it even talked about things like ************) so he never felt that he was lacking in sex education.

I definitely can't see myself talking to my son's about sex.. that's the problem, parents are too embarrassed to talk about the issue. My kids are only 8 and 1 and I'm already dreading the discussion, although it's many years away.

The way I see it, if a teenager wants to have sex; they will have sex - short of putting them in chastity belts or watching them 24/7 you can't stop that. And, as you say, denying them contraceptives will just result in teen pregnancy. Only by making sure that they're educated and prepared can we avoid that.

I agree, I think that it would help reduce the amount of teen pregnancy. Some people say that it would encourage sex, but I don't think it would at all.