From Day One ....

I believe that condoms should be available free of charge at high school.

Preaching and teaching abstinence does not work. The only way to stop HIV, other STDs and unplanned pregnancies is to except the fact that teens ARE having sex.

Talk to them about it - and make sure they know how to protect themselves.

MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
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I completely agree!! Although the pill does not protect from HIV or STDs - unplanned pregnancies can be prevented if parents would stop trying to shield their children, and allow them to know the options. <br />
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In a perfect world - yes - we would all love our kids to meet, marry and sleep with only one mate. But this world is FAR from perfect. It doesn't happen.

yep i agree i have a daughter and it scares the life out of me i remember this story mum told me what my dad said to my mum when i was about 4 months old he said cdmcdm is going on the pill when she's 14 yrs old no arguements!!! should be a pill for the boys to play it safe

i agree with you mizz b. kids are having alot of sex!

Oh yeah :) I think this needs to happen today ...

I think that we have free dispensers in our toilets at schools in my country.

Can I get an A-Men Sister? Yea, Alright!