NaughtY YoungsterS !


Yeah I agree that Condoms should be available in High Schools

Since we couldnt stop THose youngsterS From having SEx anywaY

Thus Prevention Is always Better Than curE

If I were high school Girl I would say the same

Plus ! Condoms Should be Available in Colleges & Everywhere Either

Even in Hospitals Or Jails !

Because Human being Can be Horny Alla timE LoL


DollyDiva DollyDiva
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19 Responses May 30, 2009

Yeah I agree on that <br />
Those kids will grow up<br />
and they would realize condoms arent water balloons ;D

omg ... mabe condoms are too outdated these days .. <br />
Ohhh Poor condoms :(

Condom as Water Balloon? wow what a metaphor LoL

That's a good mind-set. I like that. And hello CC, have you ever played with condoms like water-balloons?

LoL I prefer boy (just 1) but he perfer girl =,=<br />
Anyway .. Not so soon .. I dont wanna get a big *** LoL<br />
Really, Luce I wanna travel around the world and to have children will limit my goal on that... My bf shares the same wish about traveling.. We both will not have kids until we make sure that we have enough life exp and ready to be parents ...

I think you already have the right guy waiting for you. ;) So, girls or boys?

I can see what you mean .. Actually, I've gone through that exp.. but luckily I didnt get pregnant LoL .. I have some ideas of having children but absolutely in the future when Im mature enough and assure that I choose the right guy for my children ...

See......that's the thing I would love to have children, and the only way she gets in bed with me is if we are both in love, both very very horny, and we both would be committed to the idea of children. And besides, even though you do not ***, the male penis does every so often let off one small spurt during sex as a way to relieve pressure, making sure it doesn't climax too soon. So, either way........

then dont let it off inside ! So she wouldn't b in trouble ;D

I prefer strawberry myself......but then I would just eat it completely off and my girl would still be in trouble.

I peer strawberry myself......but then I would just eat it completely off and my girl would still be in trouble.

Mabe they dont like the flavour? :D

They give them out, the kids just don't use them.

*wink* :D

Yeahh Should ! ;D<br />
<br />
Thks ...

Should agree , should be taught early by parents too .

Totally Agree!

Yeah ,, Prevention is Better than Cure ;D

Lol agree . ;D good point ..