i know that if you go to a nurses office in h.s. you can get condoms . but  i think we can do better.  how about a basket or something near the vending machines or in a vending machine that is free. something that is not upfront . for those people who are sexually active but shy .

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My high school gave out free condoms. In a really tightly sealed pack. But we managed to open the packs, which was good. Cause of, you know, well, the point. You need to be able to get them out of the packets, it's no good opening them. But the sealed packet thing was about waiting. You know, waiting before you bump uglies. Waiting before you rip open a plastic gladware bag with an extra glad zipper, and a tight one at that.<br />
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Anyway, what happened was that most of the kids had a fun fight with these pretty durable waterbombs they got given for free around the same time. Except for the sexually active kids who missed out on getting the waterbomb handout or something. Maybe they were all under the bleachers when the waterbombs got given out? I don't know but somehow they missed out.<br />
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True story.

Makes perfect sense to me.