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In case anyone was wondering, teens are having sex more now than ever, and teen pregnancy is on the rise. I think we should all remove our heads from our  A_S_S_E_S  and start providing condoms, don't you? Seems the abstinence speeches aren't exactly working. Let's try a different approach.

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Actually that is factually inaccurate at least in the USA. Today's teenagers are less 'promiscuous' and less likely to have unprotected sex than my generation (born in 1969). I agree completely though that abstinence is simply not a workable plan for reducing veneral disease and teenage pregnancy. I fail to understand how a school can offer sugary soda in a vending machine, but won't offer a condom in a vending machine in the bathroom (both female and male bathrooms).

May I have links to your statistic source, please?

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I believe schools should teach both abstinence AND safe sex. Cover all the bases, man.

Pointless to teach 'abstinence' honestly. Sex and its ramifications to your life and then how to be safe having it. The kids are going to decide for themselves anyway, thus just make sure it is an 'educated' decision. You don't need to teach them 'if you don't none of this stuff will happen' that is self-evident to them as they aren't stupid.

In my school they rolled a condom down a banana and talked about it but I am not aware of them giving them out. I agree with that approach.<br />
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First of all, condoms are readily available at well all over. Even in about half of all gas station bathrooms.<br />
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More importantly it doesn't cloud the message. <br />
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A good lesson on sex should talk about responsibility, risk, self esteem, and making good choices. Kids should know that sex without protection is likely to result in a baby. If they missed that amount of free condoms at taxpayer expense will cure it. Seriously. <br />
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A bigger issue, even with condoms pregnancies occur. Bad condoms, failure to put it on right, etc all lead to about a 3+% failure rate.<br />
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The best prevention is abstinence. The school is FAILING if they don't teach that too.

How the h3ll do you fail to put a condom on right? It either rolls on the p3nis or it doesn't. If that is happening a little diagram on the back should solve that one. As for failures if the condom has a spermicide in it even if it breaks during sex it should reduce the risk of pregnancy to at least the same level as an oral contraceptive does. Now when I was using condoms I regularly broke them during sex, but never got a girl pregnant 'wearing' one. Also I don't see any reason why if a girl wants to have sex she should not be 'doubling down' on protection by taking an oral contraceptive.

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Good idea. See, abstinence simply isn't seen as cool, and of course, whatever isn't cool isn't popular. I think you're on to something here :)<br />
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