I Believe Football Is The Mark Of The Beast In The News 12.06.2012

It was December Thursday 6, 2012 evening while I was watching the News.

I couldn't believe this Topic, when it came Up ...

Trying to Sell Laundry Soap Tide for "Men"? What?

By Putting a Football Picture on the Product. I think this is Male Chauvinism and some other kind of Cr.ap! And trying to Stereotype our Society ... 

Like I thought!  The Anti-Christ!  Christianity is full of themselves they don't see the irony of themselves. They look for Petty Sins, while they actually are trying to establish the Greater Ones running a Country.

There was some scripture in the Bible as to this.  About the Scribes and Pharisee's that try to look Religious and are Hypocrites. Condemned by Jesus. So a Country coming about for the Name of Jesus and acts like the Scribes and Pharisee's ... Is in my Mind the Answer to what the Anti-Christ Nation is going to be! Spelled out right in this Passage!

Marks of the Beast?  Male Chauvinism ... Football!

And Consumerism!  This Too is a Mark of the Beast.

In Revelation it said ... No one can buy or sell without this Mark of the Beast.

Where has Christianity been with their reasoning?
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

Ah..that is the crux of their problem...their reasoning..or really it's the lack there of!

Tide for men!! LOL yes I wish they'd De-sex laundry detergent commercials too! Marketing is kind of an evil thing :)