Adhd Fraud

What is the definition of ADD/ADHD according to the DSM_IV?
May 29, 2010

The term “ADHD” is simply a label used to categorise a list of psychosocial traits that Psychiatry considers to be improper or abnormal in society. Psychiatry defines these traits as a “mental illness”, and promotes it as a “disease” that requires “treatment”.

It is not a “disease”, despite claims or implications made by certain psychiatric or pharmaceutical organisations. There is NO credible scientific evidence that shows the existence of what constitutes “ADHD” as a biological/neurological disorder, brain abnormality or “chemical imbalance”.

“For a disease to exist there must be a tangible, objective physical abnormality that can be determined by a test such as, but not limited to, blood or urine test, X-Ray, brain scan or biopsy. All reputable doctors would agree: No physical abnormality, no disease. In psychiatry, no test or brain scan exists to prove that a ‘mental disorder’ is a physical disease. Disingenuous comparisons between physical and mental illness and medicine are simply part of psychiatry’s orchestrated but fraudulent public relations and marketing campaign.” Fred Baughman, MD., Neurologist & Pediatric Neurologist.

“Chemical imbalance” it’s a shorthand term really, it’s probably drug industry derived “We don’t have tests because to do it, you’d probably have to take a chunk of brain out of someone – not a good idea.” Dr. Mark Graff, Chair of the Committee of Public Affairs for the American Psychiatric Association. July, 2005.

Such behavioural characteristics that Psychiatry created this unscientific “disease” from are, and always have been, generally considered “normal”. Now, it seems, inattention or “hyperactivity” (Hyperactivity means ‘excessively active’* — what is excessive? On whose authority?? It’s ridiculous!!) is abnormal, a “mental illness”.

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Modern imaging techniques show the frontal lobe brain impairment of individuals with ADHD. I believe ADHD is a real but very over-diagnosed DISORDER (or type of neurological hard-wiring), but NOT a "disease" as you call it, above. Too many children are incorrectly diagnosed with ADD. I believe individuals with ADD always have ADD, not just as children.

Everyone told me I had ADD as a child, but I wasn't officially diagnosed until my 20s. Sometimes very successful people have untreated ADHD. I still struggle with it.

I have a son diagnosed with asberghers syndrome,there was a [possibility he was ADD but this was discarded.I am from UK and part of this trait is they need small groups and routine,so they can develope.However "Normal" schools class's of 30+ are to large,we got him into "Special School" in elementry and he did well so they put him back into "Mainstream" where he started failing and we had to restart process to get him statemented again,once back in a "Special school" he started to gain but due to time missed he only took 2 "O" levels If he had been able to be in a school that catered for his needs he would have done far better,his IQ is high.It was due to money that stopped him gaining his full potential.

He was very intollerant of all E-numbers as small child but as grew he became more tolerant to them but he has not had problems with growth at 6' 4" and in proportion .

Coming from the trenches of education, I am positive ADD/ADHD is very real! Without treatment of some sort the illness will progress to the point of that person trying to medicate themselves through illegal drugs or alcohol. Most of our prisons today are filled with individuals with undiagnosed ADD/ADHD. <br />
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Persons with ADD/ADHD tend to be above average intelligence and with treatment; they can become very valuable members of society. There is research that suggests part of their brain is wired to be alerted to danger all around them at a faster rate than most of us, a skill which was very important to the hunters of prehistoric times and beyond. Today, seeing the world from different angles so as not to become prey to a wild animal is not as necessary in our technological driven society. However, many ADD/ADHD persons have the ability to hyper-focus; this is why they tend to excel at video games and graphic design projects as well as sports.<br />
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ADD/ADHD is proven through neurological science. Brain scans of individuals with ADD/ADHD show definite differences compared to others without ADD/ADHD. Some of the chemical imbalances that ADD/ADHD people experience can be controlled through diet, environmental changes, and physical exercise that works both sides of the brain but overall, if it is severe enough medication can do wonders.<br />
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Last of all, if you are unsure as to what inappropriate activity looks like you need only spend a few hours in a classroom of a child with ADD/ADHD whom needs medication to cope. He/she experiences such strong emotions of frustration to fear in such a short time, your heart will literally break. The pressure they must feel trying to cope is incomprehensible to many of us. I wish it was as easy as just saying it does not exist thus all is ok. <br />
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As Myah indicated, government cutbacks in education are going to make it impossible to service all students much less those whom need help to be on equal footings with their peers. Honestly, it is in our best interest as a society to educate all our children! Do we really want our prison population to grow rather than develop our children’s unique minds?

A caveat to parents everywhere: <br />
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If your children can be diagnosed otherwise, and receive some other form of treatment than the usual suspects such as Ritalin, &c, please try to do so; some career choices, and lifestyle choices will be taken from them if the ADD/ADHD diagnosis follows them into adulthood. Example: Most aviation-related careers are out of the question. The FAA considers ADD/ADHD to be a mental illness indeed, and therefore will not allow anyone with that to work in any air traffic control position, or fly any kind of aircraft--privately for personal recreation or all the way up to air transport pilot. <br />
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Please don't shoot the messenger; I'm merely repeating what one "Aviation Medical Examiner" has jumped up and down on a soapbox over. He gets very frustrated when children are misdiagnosed (he neither denies nor acknowledges whether they are, in fact, actual diseases), and then placed on the usual suspects. <br />
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So, before making the jump, make absolutely certain your child isn't just allergic to milk, or sugar, or some other odd thing to which he is reacting.<br />
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BTW, just to add a little smile to this, there is, among a myriad of medications which ground a pilot or ATC controller, a certain blue pill which grounds one for at least 4 hours, due to the risk of low blood pressure, dizziness, vision issues, and hearing issues possibly cropping up. Just sayin'.