He Is And He Is Still

Obama is still screwing our Country, he's taking money from us as if they where printing it in the White House.  I am beginning t wonder if Hilary Clinton would have been better than this guy?  Hell, I am a Republician, and I would have voted for her myself, of course I am the only Republician in my family.  So, the letter of the name OBAMA is right. One Big *** Mistake America.  He's spending money that your kids, kids, kids, kids,and probablly there kids, will be paying off.  I find him to be usless.  I find that if you don't have a Health care plan, he wants to put you in Jail, America We the People Of the US need to Wake up and put this man, out of office before we are ruined,and that's a down hill spiral right now

Sorry, Mr. President you are a Huge Mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 23, 2010