Glad That I Found Ep

When I joined Facebook a year ago, I was expecting it to be like this is here at EP. As it turns out, I rarely ever get responses on FB and sometimes it takes forever to even get on there. Many of the friends that I wanted to reconnect with turned out to be total douchebags.
This interaction here on EP is great. As soon as I get a new job, I'll become a supporter of EP.
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3 Responses Sep 8, 2010

Exactly, I call it Fakebook, everyone seems to be outdoing each other....and really how many profile pics does one need?? We get it, you think you're hot stuff...I believe Facebook is creating a climate (especially with teenagers) of egocentric & narcissitic personality...usually with no empathy for others as well..

i change my profile pic so many times on FB i got obsessed with it. only because that was only thing i could do. there was nothing left to do after setting up timeline. no one ever takes the time to really say hi on there. my posts was only liked and rarely commented on. not a social site, unless you're one of 566 teens or something like that.

EP is an amazing online community, I agree :)<br />
<br />
But I tell you, the chance of me becoming a supporter when I finish my studies is quickly dwindling to zero. I don't appreciate the arbitrary censorship they slap on members just because someone disagrees with your opinion and false-flags you, and despite their assurances, I don't see an end to it either :/

Indeed; FB really means F***ing Bad